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Being Elementals This website will help you connect to the unseen world of spirit helpers who maintain our planet, holding the balance in nature in the four quandrants of Mater. We can connect to these beings to help us in our everyday lives. We can also assist them, praying for their victory in their work to keep the balance on earth.
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Wholeness Brings Pure Wisdom

"The definition of wholeness and Divine Wholeness is purity of desire, absolute God-purity of desire. When you achieve this, you shall know the full cup of the abundant Life in every way on every ray. God will withhold nothing from you when you shall have that pure desire for pure desire and in wisdom you achieve it. Therefore Solomon asked for wisdom and an understanding heart and received all other gifts of the abundant Life." Gautama Buddha

King Solomon was given a gift from God: A wise and understanding heart. Solomon asked for discernment. And God gave him that discernment through the heart. He also asked for the ability to judge between good and evil.

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Solomon prayed to God:

Saint Paul speaks of wisdom in several ways. First, he asserts that God made Christ to be our wisdom.

Then he says that Christ is God's wisdom.

Saint Paul taught oneness in Christ with his purpose in bringing all into Christ wholeness.

The balance of heart with wisdom becomes apparent when you open your eyes and see. Vision is key to wholeness and becoming whole becomes important to healing the mind that is steeped in the wisdom of the Antichrist.

The teachings here open your heart and soul in how to heal the hidden obstacles to wholeness and see that which has set itself at the apex of Being within your temple, blinding you to the true capstone of Being.

You have sinned, but You are not sinners. Identify with "You" and you will be free. The Ascended Masters teach that the fallen angels are the original sinners, who committed the original sin against God by challenging the Divine Mother and the Divine Manchild. They have led the children of God into paths of sinfulness in order to convince them that they are “sinners” and hence unworthy to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

The fallen angels have kept from the children of God the true understanding that God has endowed each of them with the Divine Image; instead they have taught them that they are forever stained by `original sin' and can never become Christlike or realize their own Christ potential.

The fallen angels have thus promulgated the false doctrine that because the children of God are sinners, they can only be saved by grace, thereby denying the necessity for each one to “work the works of him that sent me,” as Jesus declared of his own mission (John 9:4).

Saint Paul said:

And so we will Be through learning the Right use (right-eous) of wisdom. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all else shall be added unto you." (Matt. 6:33)


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