The Seven Bodies of Man

Going far back to the ancient concepts and beliefs out of the religion of India – based on the culture of the Mother and as the forerunner of Hinduism and Buddhism – we can discover the ancient teachings on man. But we do not need these ancient beliefs to prove the reality of these bodies. The Ascended Masters have taught in their sponsored activities – during the 20th century – that there are indeed other bodies besides the physical that we see and experience as our reality.

The ancients perceived that human beings have seven different bodies. In the physical plane you are given four lower bodies to allow you the mastery over the four planes of matter: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. You cannot get away from the four in Mother. It is the foundation of the pyramid of life. The Ascended Masters teach that our four lower bodies — etheric, mental, emotional and physical — correspond to the four planes of matter.

Fire - etheric body

Air - mental body

Water - emotional body

Earth - physical body

Above those four lower bodies are the three upper bodies in spirit, with the highest vibrating body the I AM, surrounded by the Causal body. Between the two highest and the four lowest bodies is the Christ body. The lowest and densest of those bodies being the physical body.

The four lower bodies are the distinct sheaths and frequencies that surround the soul vehicle. Since the "fall of man" imperfection, limitations and discord increasingly entered into our world. The four lower bodies became polluted and out of balance. The memory body has become known as a "soul" and this temporary personality has taken on the sense of a self that is separated and not connected to God. Once the soul balances the four lower bodies, it merges with the three upper bodies and all seven bodies become as One. This is the true oneness that fallen man seeks in looking for a horizontal oneness. The only way to true wholeness is to heal the four lower bodies and come into oneness with the Christ self, the I AM Presence and merge with the storehouse of your true identity in the Causal body.

The fallen angels that preceded the sons and daughters of God taking incarnation on earth, teach the way of eliminating the Mother element reached only through the balanced emotional body. They teach that the emotional body must be eliminated by controlling it with the mind. When properly balanced, the emotional body brings you into oneness with the Mother.

Likewise, the fallen angels teach that the path of the Antichrist. They teach that the mind is under the control of the Conscious You or conscious self. They teach that the Christ mind is beneath the wisdom of the enlightened Buddhic being and that the way to the Father and a higher oneness happens through wisdom. This is the path of the Antichrist, eliminating the Christ mind by replacing it with the superior wisdom of the Buddha. The emotional body is eliminated as limiting and replaced with the mental image of pure unconditional love. This mechanical love connects only through the mind and is controlled by the mind. It is a heartless love. Love without heart and wisdom without love is the Antichrist and Great Whore energies spoken about in Revelation. Balancing the mental body becomes a humbling experience, transcending the temptation to be seen as wise, being the ministering servant to all life.

The soul uses these four lower bodies as expressions of Being.

  • The etheric body houses the blueprint of the soul's identity. Whatever transpired during the souls activities on earth become a part of this body. The etheric body contains the memory of every thought, feeling and deed.
  • The mental body is the vessel of the cognitive faculties; when can become the purified vessel of the Mind of God, through the Christ mind.
  • The emotional body houses the higher and lower desires and records all the emotions.
  • The physical body is the body that houses the soul and spirt that allows the soul to grow throughout its sojourn in the physical plane.

The functions of the three upper bodies are:

  • The Christ Self is the mediator between God I AM in Spirit and the evolving soul in matter.
  • The I AM Presence is your true original identity.
  • The Causal body



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